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1060nm fiber laser grating


Fiber laser gratings are typically produced using double-clad fiber. They are generally used in pairs, including a high reflectance grating (greater than 99.9%) and a low reflectance grating (10-20%), with a gain fiber between the two fiber gratings. The pump light propagates between the core and the inner cladding, and the seed light propagates only in the core. The seed light is amplified by the grating for multiple oscillations, and output from the low reflectance fiber grating direction.

The double-clad fiber for making 1060nm fiber laser grating is a single-mode fiber, which can ensure good beam quality and pump efficiency, generally up to tens of watts or even hundreds of watts.


Fiber laser industry





High stability and reliability          ● Less heat, faster heat dissipation

Low coupling loss and small size       ● High beam quality

Compliant with Telcordia GR-1221-CORE

Compliant with RoHS

Optical parameter


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